MTB Enduro Event, Foster

Where: Cement Hill Trail/Foster MTB Park

When: Sunday March 7th. 10am registration.

Race categories:

  • 3 Hours Solo
    Mens, Womans, Junior U/19s and e-bikes
  • 3 Hour Teams
    Senior and Junior (up to 3 riders per team)
  • 2 Hours Solo
    Junior U/15s boys and girls

Unfortunately, the non-competitive 4 lap fun event will not run due to liability issues.

Race timing kindly provided by Gippsland MTB volunteers.

Food also available!

Monies raised from this event will go towards new signage and trailhead works for our beloved Cement Hill track in Foster.

Please visit this website after the race for a short survey so we know what to improve on.

To enter

Non-MTBA and MTBA Recreation members must purchase a Race Day License to participate.

Race Day License Fees (MTBA)

  • Non-MTBA member (19+ years) $36
  • Non-MTBA member (18 years & under) $22
  • MTBA Recreation member upgrade $15

Plus Entry Fees
Juniors: $15. Seniors: $25. Teams: $20 per person

Click the button below to take you to MTBA for registration. On that page, be sure to click the tiny 'Continue' button at the bottom to send your entry successfully.

If you are a CA/BMXA or AusCycling Race Member and still have been charged for the day licence, you can email and they will refund the day licence.

In conjunction with the Prom Coast Festival

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